Jo Vossen aka Jojo Guitar saved all his money to buy his first guitar in 1993 and ever since that day he practiced on his instrument to get to know it from the inside out . Two years later he did his first performance in 1995 in the schoolband . From 2000 untill 2004 he played in the Metal band The Crush . During the 5 years after going Metal all the way he stopped playing , and became a guitar “nerd” all the technical and other features of a guitar are like a second nature to him now so in 2010 he stood beside the crib where Bourbon Street was born . He’s influenced by SRV , Albert Collins , Pearl Jam , Dimebag Barrel Roy Buchanon and Rory Gallagher everything he play’s on a guitar is a mix of these guitar gods . He loves the simple life , his family , a beer and making cheap guitars into master pieces of art and sound .


Mario Jossels goes with the nickname of Little “m” During the period 1976 –1987 he was on a crusade and
tried to find his calling which instrument to play bassguitar , guitar and
drums . in 1988 he chose for the drums and handled the sticks in Matt’s
Madhouse until 1990 . After that he he played guitar in the band Bluesin’
Hoegies until 1994 and then he stopped performing but kept on playing at home from
2002 untill 2004 he played in several bands , until he became bassplayer in a
rockband called ‘Two Inch Barrel’ in 2006 . After this band he played bass in
Boothill until 2009 . In 2010 he stood on the other side of the cradle of
Bourbon Street where he plucks the bass and is the leadsinger . His musical
fever comes from SRV, Lonnie Mack , Albert Collins , Buddy Guy , Slime Hunters
, Santana , Fleetwood Mac and his all time favorite his Uncle Cis .Beside the love for blues he spends most of his time
with his other love which are his daughters , his sweetheart a good steak and
occasionally a good old “single malt whisky”

Daddy Bean

                      Luc Boonen the artist known as Daddy Bean on the Mississippy Saxophone , is plowing his way through the blues countryside . In the beginning he started out as guitar player in 1989 before he found the one instrument where he could lay his feelings into , the Bluesharp . On the diatonic harmonica he practiced and listened to the great Harpers to create an own well defined sound . From 2001 until 2004 he played in a cover band called Midnight Ramble , during the years following 2006-2008 he went Indy rock with the band Chebul a band with own musical masterpieces . From the birth of Bourbon Street Daddy Bean was on the side of the cradle . He is influenced by , The Doors , CCR , Morphine and Lenny Kravits . The simple way of life and his family are the things that makes him happy

Chopstick Willie


Wilfried Claesen aka Chopstick Will(y) has a long musical wandering in his shoes . During high school he learned to play the drums on a friends kit this was during the previous century let’s say 1978-’80 during the last year he got a guitar from his parents and tried the six string wonder but this did’nt work out for him . in 1982-83 he played the drums in the schoolband , but he had to quite the band because the fatherland was calling , Will became a soldier . In that time he got married and his musical flew as put in the closet for several years . After jamming in some local clubs he found his one true love again , the drums , but something kept on pulling him to that one guitar that sat next to his bed so he decided to go to the Pop & Jazz Academy in Genk where he graduated cum Laude on guitar . His first real band was George Boch & the Allstuds from 2009 until 2010 , the Bluesketeers from ’11-’12 , Smokin’ stu’s bluestraffic 2013 ….. and now Bourbon street 2014 …..